#BlackLivesMatter. Except at a Trump Rally

Is the headline “Black Girl Assaulted at a Trump Rally” really a surprise to anyone?

The sad fact is that we’re in the year 2016 – and it’s not. Not at all.  

Shiya Nwanguma was shoved around the crowd at the Louisville rally as Trump supporters screamed insults at her. She was called everything from “n---r” to “c—t”. The Daily News is even reporting that Trump himself was heard shouting “Get them out of here” as the assault took place.

One of the supporters accused of assaulting Nwanguma is Matthew Heimbach, a member of the Traditionalist Worker Party. The Traditionalist Party has Neo-Nazi, white supremacist roots.

Heimbach wrote a blog post for the party’s website in which he stated, “Statistically speaking, the myth of Blacks being targeted by law enforcement is untenable. In fact, if there’s a reckless disregard for human life and culture of violence to be found, it’s to be found in America’s Black community.”

As GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump is poised to be the party’s Presidential candidate.

I’m terrified.

Hear all about Nwanguma's account in her own words below.

-Kennie H.

Kat Williams Loves Jail

Well. Kat Williams was arrested again yesterday.

A cashier called the Gainesville police on Williams for allegedly punching him in the face in the heat of an argument.

When the police arrived at the pool supply store (who fights in a pool supply store!?), the comedian was lying on the ground with his hands behind his back; ready for arrest.

According to the cashier, the two began arguing and then Williams threw a pair of goggles at him and came behind the counter to punch him in the face. No idea what the argument was about.

Williams was in town for a comedy show. He performed at Phillips Arena over the weekend.

The comedian is also awaiting trial for an alleged robbery. Oh, Kat.

-Kennie H.


Dash's awkward moment.

Dash's awkward moment.

Why won't she just go away?

The attention-seeking Stacey Dash is at it again. This time she and her ridiculous ideas made it all the way to the Academy Awards.

Chris Rock hosted the Oscars last night and, as expected, his monologue and jokes were all centered on the lack of diversity that has been the cause of an enormous amount of controversy.

In one joke (that fell pretty flat) Chris brought Dash out to wish everyone a “happy Black History Month!” No one laughed; no one clapped. It simply wasn't funny.

The majority of the racially charged drama began with a Facebook rant from Jada Pinkett Smith, who vowed to boycott this year’s show.

Come to think of it, did anyone except for Jada and Will actually boycott...?

Dash became involved when she stated (on Fox news of all places) that the boycott was unnecessary in her opinion. Dash also voiced her disapproval for things like Black History Month and the BET Awards.

Dare I say that Dash is now a full-fledged deserter and traitor to her own kind? Stacey, we’re over you.

-Kennie H.