Atlanta Hawks New Uniforms are SICK!

  Atlanta Hawks New Uniforms & Official Basketball Club Logo

  Atlanta Hawks New Uniforms & Official Basketball Club Logo

First things first, a moment of silence for the undeniable effort that my boys put in for the playoffs this year...OK!

These new uniforms are SICK and I'll break down to you exactly what they are all about.

1) The triangle pattern is meant to represent an attacking hawk in a "V" shape.

2)   Volt green is added to the color scheme as an ode to the team's past (1971) and their future.

3)  The rising Phoenix logo is an ode to the history of Atlanta and a symbol of the cities resilience.

4)   The official color of the road uniform is "granite state grey."


5) The grey and red shorts are interchangeable for even more alternate road uniforms.

6)  "TRUE TO ATLANTA" appears in volt green on the shirts that's tucked into the shorts.

7)  "Pac-Hawk" logo and "HAWKS" written vertically, is on both sides of the pants.

8)   The Hawks are the first team to incorporate shoes, socks and laces into the overall uniform.

9)  "ATL" on the road alternate uniform is inspired by the culture and fashion of Atlanta.


Now you know everything you need to know about the Hawks new uniform! Tell me what you think about them below and remember to stay TRUE TO ATLANTA! GO HAWKS!