Atlanta's Own "MULLAGE" is Back For The First Time (Part 1)

B Boi (left), B Town (right) -  Mullage

B Boi (left), B Town (right) - Mullage


Let's start here...because I know you don't know what "Mullage" even means; you probably don't even remember who these two ridiculously talented individuals are. I promise you though, after you finish reading this and after you listen to their latest body of work, you will thank yourself...and don't forget to thank me either. As a matter of fact, you're welcome!

"Mullage" means "musical collage." Combine the M-U from the word Musical and L-L-A-G-E from the word Collage and you have Mullage (trust me, it's cool, I had to ask B Town what it meant) Wikipedia so eloquently describes the group as a "Dirty South hip-hop and contemporary R&B duo" ... wait for it ... "from Atlanta, GA." With artist hailing from Atlanta with names like Migos, Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug (no shade being thrown, we know how The Internet can get) when you come across something like Mullage, you have to at least stop to see what it's about; it's different. The name makes you think that somebody put some thought and substance into it. Two people did just that.

The duo behind the name consists of B Boi and B Town. When you first look at them, your first instincts say, brothers. Although they may feel like it, and if you ever get a chance to interact with them, you may feel like it too, they aren't related by blood. They are brothers in every sense of the word though if you let me tell it. Watch how they interact with each other in the studio just one time and you will see something only brothers can produce. Where are they from? I told you earlier, ATL H**! And that is something that they are not only proud of but want to make sure that you know.  Now, everybody raps in ATL right? So what is there resume?

Watch this...remember that infectiously catchy song that came out circa 2009 where the hook went, "It ain't trick'n if you got it, trick'n trick'n if you got it..." with T-Pain on the hook? You guessed it; that's them. Mullage has had national and international fame, shows, notoriety and respect off of that one single and then you know how the story goes (we don't want to get too messy). Bad management, being young and inexperienced in the game and other factors lead to this overly-talented duo not being heard from on that level again. But, it's not because the talent went anywhere. Check out their latest single, a DJ Toomp produced, melodic BANGER called "Bluesville".

That is just the beginning. When was the last time you heard something like that?! I got a chance to sit with duo and their good friend and business partner, Atlanta Prin (what's up with those burgers homie!), and checked out some more new music which has been up to four years in the making and when I tell you these guys are back for the first time, I mean it in every sense of the saying.


Now I won't give you everything just yet, because I need you to let this sink in first. When I come back for round two, you will appreciate these fellas even more. They have a project coming out with Greg Street called "Believers Never Die" and another project coming out with yours truly that will show them in their true and rare fashion and form. These fellas are right on time if you ask me.

Stay tuned and follow the fellas on IG @mullage_music!