Breezy Burglarized

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Even though Chris Brown "ain't worried 'bout you", it looks like some of his old homeboys are worried 'bout him! 

According to, the r&b star's San Fernando Valley home was burglarized early this morning (around 2AM). His aunt was held at gun point and locked in a closet while they stole money and other belongings.

The armed men told his aunt that they were well aware of who's house they had entered.

TMZ reports that Chris was at the Argyle at the time of the incident, hosting a pre-ESPY party from approx. 12:30AM-2:13AM. 

Given the fishy timing it does look as if the assailants  definitely have ties to the singer.

This isn't Brown's first run in with crazy. Remember last May when he came home to a random naked woman in his bed and "I LOVE YOU" painted on his kitchen counter?

Breezy better be more careful!

-Kennie H.