"Outkast Mountain"

Ummmmmmmm. Y'all may have taken it too far with this one. 

So. All the buzz about the NAACP's request for the removal of the Confederate carving on Stone Mountain is completely justified. I think we can all agree on that. 

Here's where the "huh??" comes into play. Artist Mack Williams has started a petition to add Big Boi and Andre 3000 to the rock. Wait, it gets better. He wants to portray them riding in a Caddy! (To match their fellow mountain-dwellers who are pictured on horseback, of course.)

I LOVE me some Outkast. And I am all about hometown pride, but is there NO ONE else that may be more deserving of such a historical, monumental honor? (Get it?)

As of 4:00P this afternoon the petition had 600 signatures. We'll just see what good ol' Governor Nathan Deal has to say about this. 

My bet is he ain't having it...

-Kennie H.