Birdman May Soon be a JailBIRD...

Birdman & Wayne in happier times

Birdman & Wayne in happier times

Y'all remember a little while back (last April) when someone shot up Wayne's tour bus? I know it was in the back of everyone's mind that Birdman had to have had something to do with it.

Well Birdman and his "Wayne stand-in", Young Thug have both been indicted on conspiracy charges. They were allegedly plotting to have Wayne offed! Reports are saying that the whole tour bus incident was orchestrated by the duo.

Thugger was also picked up this week in Sandy Springs on charges stemming from his threat to kill a mall security officer. Perhaps Papa Birdman put all his eggs in the wrong basket?

It looks as if this father-son relationship is over for real. It's kind of sad, really. 

-Kennie H.