The Playboy Mansion Can Be All Yours! Well, Kind Of.

Ever wondered what goes on behind those gates? We all have. And how many teenage boys have dreamed of living in the over 15,000 square foot expanse of the mansion?

Well the it's up for sale! With a price tag of only $200 million. Although, since the most expensive of Los Angeles homes have only sold for around $100 million, experts predict it will go for far less than the asking price.

There are, however, a few stipulations. Any buyer must wait to move in. How long you might ask? No one knows. That's right, the new owner must wait until Hef dies to move in. Hold on, it gets better. When prospective buyers tour the home, they cannot view Hefner's quarters. 

Hmmm. Wonder what he's hiding? The world may never know.

-Kennie H.