Pride School Atlanta

There's a new private school opening in Atlanta. But this one isn't your run of the mill Woodward.

Christian Zsilavetz, who is transgendered, is founding a k-12 school strictly for LGBT youth. So it is for the scores of sexually confused six-year-olds whom I didn't know existed. 

According to Zsilavetz, students need this space, especially in the South, to be their true selves. The school will be modeled after The Harvey Milk School in New York and is also a Free Model school. This means classes are more unstructured and geared more towards what the kids are actually interested in.

Apparently there are already students lining up for the first semester (school is slated to open Fall of 2016).

I don't know about you, but when I was in kindergarten my only concern was whether or not I got to be line leader.

-Kennie H.