Check THIS out.

Benjamin Golden, mid attack.

Benjamin Golden, mid attack.

You sue me, I sue you...this is getting ridiculous. 

Remember that video of the guy attacking his Uber driver (and rather savagely might I add)?? Well, Benjamin Golden, the attacker, is now suing, Edward Caban, the assaulted driver for not consenting to the released (now viral) video.

Golden claims that the video invaded his privacy and caused him emotional distress. Please! His excuse for the attack is that he feared for his safety and well-being after his very intoxicated self was asked to exit the vehicle. This suit comes 2 months after Caban initially sued for $25,000 over the trauma cause by the attack. 

It gets better. Golden, a former Taco Bell Exec, is suing for a whopping $5 million! 

Check out the video below. You think it's release is worth a couple mil? (Hint. The good stuff happens around the 3 min. mark.)

-Kennie H.