Game Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is

The Game is not an "all talk, no action" type of guy.

The Game has pledged to donate $ 1 million to Flint, Michigan for water. $500,000 has been given from his own pocket (the fruit of most of his current tour), and the other half has been promised by Avita Water.

The rapper chastised fellow celebrities for making "pledges" that never really come through. His first shipment is slated to arrive today, and something tells me that what Game says, goes. He even called out Jimmy Fallon and Madonna for their "cute" donations of only $10,000. 

A regular on the charity scene, the Michigan water crisis hits close to home as The Game has family living in Flint. 

Always one to showboat, Game posted a screen shot of his wire transfer of $500,000 to Avita. He, of course, failed to blur his $13 million + dollar balance. 

-Kennie H.