Barbie's Got a New Bod!

Welcome to 2016 Barbie!

Don't worry, classic Barbie with her iconic body is still part of the lineup, but the company has added three body types including; a tall Barbie, a curvy Barbie and a Petit Barbie. (She's so cute!)

Mattel has also announced the addition of many new skin tones and hairstyles amounting to 23 total new dolls.

There has been pressure for the company to update Barbie's unrealistic looks for quite some time. Critics thought that she should look a bit more like the little girls who love her. After years of research, Mattel is finally answering the call. They've even given Barbie flatter feet.

The brand new dolls hit stores March 1st and I must admit I'm a bit jealous MY Barbie's didn't look like this.

-Kennie H.


taller, curvier, petit, skin tones