Meek and Drake are at it Again.

It's not over yet? Just when you thought it was....Drake released a  single from his upcoming album yesterday titled "Summer Sixteen. Drake goes at Meek pretty hard in the new song. Again. 

A short 16 hours later, Nicki's man released a response- "War Pain". This one ain't half bad y'all. ('s no "Back to Back" either.) I will say that I could do without yet another Minaj reference though. She's your girl, we get it.

Meek posted a picture on his Instagram captioned, "The ghost writer told me!" The rapper referencing the ghost writer who allegedly revealed himself to Meek as the mastermind behind Drake's hits.

Honestly, fresh off the 50 Cent drama, Meek could use a "W", but don't both of these GROWN MEN have anything better to do? 

Listen below and see (hear) for yourself.


Looks like this rap beef is here to stay.

-Kennie H.