Camille Cosby Still Isn't Talking.

Camille with Bill in Happier Times.

Camille with Bill in Happier Times.

Camille Cosby will not have to appear at a deposition tomorrow, as originally scheduled, in the defamation case against her husband. A Judge has granted her the motion to give her time to appeal a previous decision requiring her to be deposed in the case.


Seven women are suing Bill Cosby for defamation after he publicly accusing him of sexual misconduct. Cosby is likewise countersuing for defamation.


The Judge agrees with Cosby’s logic that testifying will cause her “irreparable injury.”


So, she’s dodged a bullet. For now anyway.


Cosby’s grand total number of accusers has now reached 50. Yes y’all, that’s 50 women claiming that Cosby drugged and either raped or otherwise sexually assaulted them. 

-Kennie H.