They WERE Texting!



In Kardashian news...(Well Jenner news really, but who can tell the difference these days?) Tyga WAS texting that girl!

Who is she? Aspiring model/singer Molly O' Malia. That's 14-year-old Molly O' Malia. Molly is claiming that she and Kylie Jenner's boyfriend DID text, and would have FaceTime'd had the rapper had his way-but she's denied giving the interview to Ok Magazine that sparked all the drama.

According to Tyga they were only speaking for "business purposes". He was considering her for his record label, and what better way to hear her voice than over FaceTime? :-) He would also like us all to know that she claimed to be 17 at the time. He failed to mention why that fact was so important.

And Molly's hired good old Gloria Allred. Gloria's never a good sign. Just who she's not a good sign for is yet to be seen.

Go figure. Am I the only one who sees a pattern here?

-Kennie H.