A Whole New Meaning to the Word "Heartless"

A post op Lewis

A post op Lewis

Meet Craig Lewis; a 55-year-old suffering from a rare autoimmune disease called Amyloidosis. The disease causes the vital organs to fill with a protein that causes a rapid shut down of the organs.
Craig was able to live for a month without a pulse. That's right-without a beating heart.

In laymen's terms, his doctors removed his heart and replaced it with a pump. By all accounts Craig was living and breathing as a normal (although sick) person, but when his wife listened to his chest, she heard what she described as a "hum" instead of the usual beating.

Until now no pulse equaled death. Dr.'s Cohn and Frazier have proven that life can go on without one.

Lewis eventually died from complications of the disease, but he died with a perfectly functioning "heart" (or two ventricular assist devices).

What will they think of next? 

Check out Craig's doctor's account below.

-Kennie H.

Craig Lewis, a 55-year-old suffering from a life threatening heart problem was admitted to the Texas Heart Institute with a condition called "amyloidosis." It's a rare autoimmune disease that fills internal organs with a viscous protein that causes rapid heart, kidney and liver failure. Read More: http://www.q-gossip.com/science/meet-the-worlds-first-heartless-human-literally-able-to-live-without-a-pulse/