Uber with Caution

Kevin Smith's (of Jay and Silent Bob, Clerks and Mallrats) daughter was almost kidnapped while waiting for her Uber last weekend.

Harley Quinn Smith was waiting outside of an L.A. Starbucks when a large, beige car with two white men inside, pulled up and told her to get inside. The two men had posted an "Uber" sign in the front window of their car and were posing as drivers.

Luckily Smith is a smart girl and asked the drivers who they were there to pick up. She also noted that neither man had the Uber app on their phone.

The major question here is; how did the men know that Harley was waiting for a car?

Ever the comedian, her father later presented her with a cake that read, "Sorry Men Suck". 

Be careful out there y'all.

-Kennie H.